Listing of our wall quotes for your convenience

Inspirational Wall Quotes

  1.  A Dream is a longing or inspiration of the heart, meant to be pursued
  1.  A smooth sea never made a skilful sailor
  2.  A Sunday well spent brings a week of content.
  3.  All our dreams can come true if we have courage to pursue them
  4.  Be thoughtful and kindhearted with your intentions and behavior
  5.  Beauty is being in harmony with what you are.
  6.  Believe in your dreams, and they will come true.
  7.  Believe
  8. But to choose well, you must know who you are and what you stand for.  Where you want to go and why you want to get there.  Kofi Annan
  9.  Carpe Diem! Seize the day! ~ Horace
  10.  Change your thoughts and you change your world. - Norman Vincent Peale
  11.  Deliver your words not by number but by weight
  12.  Do something creative every day
  13.  Do what you love. Love what you do.
  14.  Dream
  15.  Dream Amour
  16.  Embody a hearty inclination to live with optimism
  17.  Embrace a sincere preference to live with optimism
  18.  Enjoy the Little things in life, for one day you will look back and realize they were the Big things.
  19. Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.  Will Rogers
  20.  Every journey begins with a single step.
  21.  For things to change, you have to change
  22.  Go confidently in the direction of your dreams
  23.  Gratitude is my conscious choice
  24.  Happiness is living with love, grace, and gratitude
  25.  I align my thinking with the highest and the best within me
  26.  I am actively in charge of my life and direct it in constructive channels
  27.  I am inspired to live my best
  28.  I Choose Happiness Now
  29.  I recognize the power of small changes
  30.  If you are confident, you are beautiful.
  31.  If you can conceive it, you can achieve it
  32.  If you can DREAM IT, you can DO IT!
  33.  If you follow all the rules you miss all the fun
  34.  Imagine
  35.  A Free and Silent Mind is Always in Meditation- Remez Sasson
  36.  Life is a Journey and only you hold the map
  37.  Life is either a daring adventure or nothing. - Helen Keller
  38.  Life is not the destination - it is the journey.
  39.  Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass, it's about learning to find Joy in the rain.
  40.  Live like there's no tomorrow
  41.  Make each day your masterpiece
  42.  Most folks are about as happy as they make up their minds to be. Abraham Lincoln
  43.  Motivation gets you started. Habit keeps you going.
  44.  Ninety percent of success is just showing up. ~ Woody Allen
  45.  No matter where you go there you are.
  46. Now and then it's good to pause in the pursuit of happiness and just be happy
  47.  Nurture your mind with wonderful thoughts
  48.  Perhaps the truth depends on a walk around the lake
  49.  Plant Kindness Gather Love
  50.  Remain calm, serene, always in command of yourself
  51.  Relax your body and mind and let your spirit soar high
  52. Show class Have Pride Display character. Winning will take care of itself. Paul Bryant
  53.  Simplicity is the essence of happiness
  54.  Simplicity is the key to brilliance. Bruce Lee
  55.  Sleep - perchance to dream. ~ Shakespeare
  56.  Success is not final Failure is not fatal It is the courage to continue that counts.  Winston Churchill
  57.  The best curve on your whole body is your smile.
  58.  The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams - Eleanor Roosevelt
  59. The more in harmony you are with the flow of your own existence, the more magical life becomes.  Adiyashanti
  60. The road to success is always under construction.
  61. The whole world steps aside for those who know where they are going.
  62.  There is no pillow so soft as a clear conscience
  63.  To stay the course, sometimes you have to make waves
  64.  Today is where your book begins... The rest is still unwritten.
  65. We are not meant to be perfect, we are meant to be whole.  Jane Fonda
  66.  We cannot direct the winds, but we can adjust our sails.
  67.  What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail
  68.  Whatever you are, be a good one. Abraham Lincoln
  69.  Wisdom is knowing the right path to take. Integrity is taking it.
  70.  Wish it... Dream it... Do it...
  71.  You don't get the fire until you put the wood in.
  72. You miss 100% of the shots you don't take. ~ Wayne Gretzky
  73. Charisma is the ability to make someone think that both of you are quite wonderful!
  74. It is better to travel well than to arrive.  Buddha
  75. Surround yourself only with people who are going to lift you higher.
  76. You are absolutely fabulous, gorgeous, and charming!

Wall Quotes About Friends And Family

  1.  Family A link to the past A bridge to our future
  2.  A best friend is a sister that destiny forgot to give you
  3. A family is like fudge, mostly sweet with a few nuts.
  4. A mother holds her child's hand for a little while but their hearts forever.
  5. All because two people fell in love...
  6. Always Kiss me goodnight
  7. Always kiss me goodnight, and in the morning too
  8.  Between Heaven and earth there is You and I
  9.  Celebrate Family Friends Traditions
  10.  God, please tell Mama that real COWBOYS don't take baths, they just dust off.
  11.  Don't spend your life with someone you can live with... Spend it with the one you can't live without
  12.  Enter as Guests - Leave as Friends
  13.  Family
  14.  Family A link to the past A bridge to our future
  15.  Family Faith Friends
  16.  Family forever and always…no matter what
  17.  Family is everything
  18.  Family is forever
  19.  Family Love Faith
  20.  Family Where life begins and love never ends 
  21.  Family... all because two people fell in love
  22.  First we had each other... Then we had you... Now we have everything.
  23.  Friends & Family Gather Here
  24.  Friends are like flowers in the garden of life
  25.  Grandma's the name. Spoiling is the game
  26.  Having a place to go is what makes a home. Having someone to love is called a family.
  27.  Having someone to love is Family, Having somewhere to go is Home, Having both is a Blessing
  28.  Home is where love resides
  29.  It is not What we have but Who we have in our lives that counts
  30.  Laugh as much as you breathe, love as long as you live
  31.  Laughter burns calories
  32.  Love is a friendship that has caught fire
  33.  Love lives here
  34.  Loving Caring Sharing
  35.  May this be a place of blessings and peace
  36.  Memories
  37.  Moments to Remember
  38.  No matter what, no matter where It’s always home if love is there 
  39.  No road is long when you are travelling with good company
  40.  Other things may change us, but we start and end with the family. ~ Anthony Brandt
  41.  So live that your memories will be part of your happiness
  42.  Some family trees bear an enormous crop of nuts.
  43.  Some love lasts a lifetime. True love lasts... Forever
  44.  The best things in life aren't things
  45.  The family is the country of the heart. ~ Giuseppe Mazzini
  46.  The Gathering Place - good food, good friends, good company
  47.  The Gathering Place
  48.  The happiest people don't have the Best of everything...they make the Most of everything.
  49.  The love in our family grows strong and deep leaving special moments to treasure and keep
  50.  The love of a family is life's greatest blessing
  51.  The path to a friend's house is never long
  52.  To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world.
  53.  Together we make a family
  54.  Together is a wonderful place to be
  55.  What we have once loved we can never lose, all that we love becomes a part of us
  56.  When one teaches - two learn! 
  57.  Whoso loves believes the impossible


Wall Quotes for Your Home

  1. A good laugh is sunshine in a house

  2. A nice hot bath will fix just about anything

  3. Approach love and cooking with reckless abandon

  4. Babies make days shorter, nights longer, home happier, and love stronger

  5. Enjoy Lather Soak Unwind

  6. Enjoy Lather Soak Unwind

  7. Enjoy your meal in different languages

  8. Refresh Indulge Unwind Relax Enjoy

  9. Bathroom Rules Wash Brush Floss Flush

  10. Wash your hands. Mom said so.

  11. Be your own kind of beautiful

  12. Beauty is being in harmony with what you are

  13. Bless This Home With Love & Laughter

  14.  Bon Appetit

  15. Chinese - Love

  16. Chocolate is the answer. Who cares what the question is.

  17. Dessert...too much of a good thing is wonderful

  18. Dinner Choices Take It or Leave It If the shoe fits, buy a matching outfit 

  19. If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen.

  20. It's nice to be home

  21. Joy

  22. Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.

  23. La Grande Cuisine

  24. Life is beautiful in its simplicity

  25. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but by the moments that take our breath away.

  26. Live Simply, Laugh Often, Love Deeply 

  27. Live well, Laugh often, Love much

  28. Love Always Remember Please and Thank you Be Grateful Respect Others Be Kind and Loving Always Keep Your Word Laugh Often

  29. Love lives here

  30. Lovin' from the oven

  31. May our home be warm and our friends be many

  32. May this be a place of blessings and peace

  33. May this be a place of creativity and kindness

  34. Moments of Silence are part of the music

  35. Never eat more than you can lift. - Miss Piggy

  36. Nothing shall I, while sane, compare with a friend. - Homer

  37. Oh, never mind the fashion. When one has a style of one's own, it is always 20 times better! Margaret Oliphant.

  38. Peaceful 

  39. Please excuse our Messy House The Kids are making memories

  40. Pursue your dreams Love Always Say please and thank you Be grateful Always keep your word Be kind and loving Respect others Laugh Often

  41. Season with Joy

  42. Sit long, Talk much, Laugh often.

  43. Smakelijk eten!  Enjoy your meal!

  44.  Small House Great Peace

  45. Someday I'll have a maid

  46. The best things in Life are Free

  47. The Four Seasons Salt Pepper Mustard Vinegar

  48. The kitchen is the heart of the home

  49. The Laundry Room - Loads of fun

  50. This is It

  51. This kitchen is seasoned with love

  52. Tree Silhouette 

  53. Two friends, two bodies, with one soul inspired - Homer

  54. We do not remember days... We remember moments

  55. We may not have it all together, but together we have it all Welcome - Be warm, be at home

  56. Welcome - Happy is the home that shelters a friend ~ Emerson

  57. Welcome

  58. Welcome to our country bath

  59. When I said I do, I didn't mean the dishes!

  60. Wine is bottled poetry.


Soulful Living Wall Quotes 

  1. As the mind is enhanced, intuitive knowledge unfolds.
  2. All that we are arises with our thoughts.  Buddha
  3. Always aim at harmony of thought and word and deed.  Mahatma Ghandi
  4. Always aim at complete harmony of thought and word and deed.  Mahatma Ghandi
  5. At the centre of your being you have the answer.  You know who you are and you know what you want. Lao Tzu
  6. Attachment to views is the greatest impediment to the spiritual path.  Thich Nhat Hanh
  7. Breathe through it, and release anything that does not serve you
  8. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom James Allen
  9. Choose to be your authentic loving self and leave a trail of magic everywhere you go.
  10. Fulfil your destiny by being your authentic self which awakens the dreams that sleep within your soul. Trudy Vesotsky
  11. Go deep and live life from your truth within, and watch your most authentic self, full of love, peace, and beauty manifest out into the world. D.S. Clark
  12. I am first and foremost a spiritual being. I can transcend my individual mind and sense of self.
  13. I am flexible and flowing, and all is well.
  14. A Free and Silent Mind is Always in Meditation- Remez Sasson
  15. In mindfulness one is not only restful and happy but alert and awake. Thich Nhat Hanh
  16. Keep coming back to your breath during the day. This will give your mind a steadiness, and breath a gracefulness. Max Strom
  17. Life is beautiful in its simplicity
  18. Listen to the quiet whispers of your mind.  They are telling you the choices that will help you the most.
  19. Love and respect the limits of your body, and bend to your capacity to a comfortable and stable pose.
  20. Meditation - from the darkness to the light, illuminating universal truths
  21. Meditation is not evasion.  It is a serene encounter with reality.  Thich Nhat Hanh
  22. Meditation - Refine & Elevate Your Mind
  23. Relax in the fresh, original, unfabricated state of the nature of mind.
  24. Respond to every call that excites your spirit.
  25. The true purpose of yoga is to discover that aspect of your being that can never be lost. Deepak Chopra
  26. Simplicity is a state of mind.
  27. To meditate is to walk a path to peaceful awareness and inspired insight
  28. We are all just walking each other home.  Ram Dass
  29. We have a lamp inside us.  The oil of that lamp is our breathing, our steps, and our peaceful smile.  Our purpose is to light up that lamp.  Thich Nhat Hanh
  30. When you are in harmony, everything unfolds with grace and ease
  31. When you are your authentic self, you fulfil the dream that lives in your soul. Trudy Vesotsky
  32. When you feel a peaceful joy, that's when you are near the truth.  Rumi
  33. When you step into your power and your true authentic self, you shine. You shine so brightly that the world tries to keep up. Shannon Kaiser
  34. You must weed your mind as you would weed your garden.  Astrid Alauda


Wall Quotes for and about Children

  1.  A boy is the hope of the future with a frog in his pocket. Alan Beck
  2.  A child has a special way of adding joy to every day!
  3. A Daughter is a Little Girl who grows up to be a Friend
  4. A new baby is like the beginning of all things - wonder, hope, a dream of possibilities
  5.  abcdefghijklovemnopqrstyouvwxyz
  6. Alphabet
  7. Always a Princess
  8. Angels danced the day you were born
  9. Babies are such a nice way to start people
  10. Babies make days shorter, nights longer, home happier, and love stronger
  11. Baby Animal on Clothesline Accent 
  12. Baby Elephant Accent
  13. Baby Sleeping on Moon Accent
  14. Bathroom Rules Wash Brush Floss Flush
  15. Wash your hands. Mom said so.
  16. Begin at the beginning and go on till you come to the end: then stop
  17. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. - Matthew 5:9
  18. Boy Angel Praying
  19.  Boy, n.\'boi\: a noise with dirt on it
  20. Child Angel Praying - Girl - Accent 
  21. Children are the anchors that hold a mother to life 
  22. Children are the hands by which we take hold of heaven
  23. Each day of our lives we make deposits in the memory banks of our children. Charles Swindoll
  24. Every child is an artist.  Our Masterpieces.
  25. Frogs and snails and puppy dog tails that's what little boys are made of
  26. From Small Beginning
  27. Grow wise little owl!
  28. Guardian Angel Pure and Bright, Guard me while I sleep Tonight
  29. How you speak to your children becomes their inner voice
  30. A sweet little accent of flowers to give life to your child's room!
  31. I love you to the moon and back 
  32. I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.
  33.  I'm a dream come true
  34.  Grow wise little owl!
  35. Live so that when your children think of fairness and integrity they think of you
  36. Magic Rabbits 
  37. Monkey Hanging From Tree Accent 
  38. Moon Sleeping Accent
  39. There are no monsters allowed!!  By order of The Management.  Keep Out
  40. Oh the places you'll go! ~ Dr. Seuss
  41.  Once in a while, right in the middle of an ordinary life, love gives us a fairy tale, a dream come true... YOU!
  42. Peek - A - Boo! -
  43. Pirate
  44. Planes, trains, trucks and toys there's nothing quite like little boys
  45. Precious Child of God
  46. RAWR! means I LOVE YOU in dinosaur
  47. Read the directions and directly you will be directed in the right direction.
  48. Shh... Baby's Dreaming
  49. Simply  Adorable 
  50. So many toys, so little time
  51. Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast
  52. Splish, Splash, I was taking a bath... ~ Bobby Darin
  53. I've been shrunk, stretched, scratched, and stuffed into a teapot!
  54. Such a big miracle for such a ittle girl.
  55. Sweet dreams 'til you wake to sunbeams
  56. Sweet dreams, Sleep tight, We love you, Good Night.
  57. Well. The entire world is falling to ruins and poor Cheshire's off his tea.
  58. The moment they placed you in my arms, you slipped into my heart
  59. This is how I roll!
  60. Twinkle, Twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?
  61. With a butterfly kiss and a ladybug hug, sleep tight little one like a bug in a rug
  62. You are my sunshine
  63. You will always be your child's favourite toy
  64. You're all late for tea!


Spiritual Wall Quotes

  1.  And God said, Let there be light: and there was light. Genesis 1:3
  2.  Angels with me every day, listen closely while I pray
  3.  As for me & my house we will serve the Lord. ~ Joshua 24:15
  4. Be, Lord Jesus, a bright flame before me. A guiding star above me A smooth path below me A kindly shepherd behind me Today, tonight, and forever
  5. Be still and know that I am God
  6. Blessed are the peacemakers, for they will be called children of God. - Matthew 5:9
  7. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God. - Matthew 5:8
  8. Blessed by the amazing Grace of God
  9. But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, kidness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, & self control. ~ Galations 5:22:23 
  10. Celebrate the sacred in the ordinary
  11. Christ, the way, the truth, the life 
  12. Cultivate Divine Grace - it beautifies the soul 
  13. Dear God, full of love and kindness, please cleanse me, purify my heart, forgive my mistakes.
  14. Dear God, I want to take a minute not to ask anything from you, but to simply thank you for all that I have
  15. Dear God, lead me to make choices that bring You glory and allow me to experience the life You intended for me to live.
  16. Dear Lord, May I be alive to Your gentle influences in this day, bringing new experiences to all who will receive them.
  17. Every good and perfect gift comes from above... James 1:7
  18. Faith - Love - Grace
  19. For food and health and happy days Receive our gratitude and praise In serving others Lord may we Repay our debt of love to Thee
  20. For I know the plans I have for you, says the Lord. Plans to prosper and not harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11
  21. God speaks in the silence of the heart. Mother Teresa.
  22.  God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference
  23. Grant me patience to deal with my blessings
  24. Guardian Angel Pure and Bright, Guard me while I sleep Tonight
  25.  I am first and foremost a spiritual being. I can transcend my individual mind and sense of self.
  26. I have amazing potential. I can make good choices. I am never alone. I can do hard things. I am beautiful inside and out. I am of great worth. He has a plan for me. I know who I am. I am a child of God.
  27. Let go... Let God
  28. Life is fragile…handle with Prayer
  29. Listening is the beginning of prayer
  30. Lord God, Creator of light At the rising of your sun each morning, Let the greatest of all lights - Your love - Rise, like the sun, within my heart.
  31. Lord I can't say it in words. Can you please just listen through my heart
  32. Lord, increase my faith, bless my efforts and work, now and for evermore. Amen. Mother Teresa
  33. Make me a channel of your peace
  34. May God establish the works of my hands and may the works of my hands establish God.
  35. May this be a place of Happiness and Health, Creativity and Kindness, Blessings and Peace
  36. Neglect not the gift that is in thee. 1 Timothy 4:14
  37. Prayer is a life attitude
  38. Prayers go up Blessings Come Down
  39. Precious Child of God 
  40. Simplicity - Generosity - Prayerfulness
  41. Thank you for the food we eat  Thank you for the world so sweet  Thank you for the birds that sing  Thank you God for everything
  42. Thank you God for closing doors I'm not strong enough to close and opening doors I'm not strong enough to open.
  43.  Thank you God for this day.  From dusk to dawn I will rest in your promises of love, direction, protection, grace, and truth.
  44. The best sermons are lived not preached
  45. The things that we pray for, Good Lord, give us your grace to work for. St. Thomas More
  46. These three remain: Faith, Hope & Love... But the greatest of these is Love. ~ 1 Corinthians 13:13 
  47. This is the day that the Lord has made, we will rejoice & be glad in it.
  48. Today I will do something beautiful for God
  49. We are all just walking each other home.  Ram Dass
  50. When life get too hard to stand Kneel


Wall Quotes about Music


276. Set of musical notes to accent music quotes ranging from 1" to 2"
277. If music be the food of love, play on. - William Shakespeare
278. Laughter is the music of the heart
279. Moments of Silence are part of the music
280. Music can name the unnameable and communicate the unknowable. -Leonard Bernstein
281. Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind. -Plato
282. Music gives flight to the imagination and life to everything. -Plato
283. Music is a higher revelation than all Wisdom & Philosophy. -Ludwig van Beethoven
284. Music is love in search of words. ~ Sidney Lanier
285. Music is to the soul what words are to the mind. -Modest Mouse
286. Music is the food of love. ~ Shakespeare

Wall Quotes about Dance

287. Dancer
288. Angels danced the day you were born
289. Dance in the Rain
290. Dance is a conversation between body and soul
291. Dance is the poetic baring of the soul through motion. Scott Nilsson
292. Dance isn't a form, it's a way of life.
293. Dance like nobody's watching. Sing like nobody's listening.
294. Dance like there's nobody watching, Sing like there's nobody listening, Love like you'll never get hurt, Live like there's heaven on earth.
295. Dancing is just discovery, discovery, discovery. Martha Graham
296. It Takes an athlete to dance, but an artist to be a dancer. Shanna LaFleur
297. Only perfect practice makes perfect. Vince Lombardi
298. To dance is to be out of yourself. Agnes De Mille

Fun Wall Quotes about Scrapbooking

299. A work space or a storage space? That is the question!
300. Addicted to scrapbooking!
301. All the world is a scrapbook...and I know the layout!
302. Been there, done that, scrapped a page about it
303. Born to crop not to mop.
304. Between these pages lie precious moments of life.
305. Caution – Scrappin’s Happening!
306. Cleaning your scrapbooking room is like shopping all over again!
307. Cut. Position. Tape. Repeat as necessary
308. Don't threaten me! I will scrap about it!
309. Don't worry, be scrappy! -
310. Eat Drink Sleep Scrap
311. I only scrap on days that end in Y
312. I scrap so I don't snap.
313. I scrap therefore I Am
314. Just keep scrapping, scrapping, scrapping.
315. Life is like a page. Filled with memories, love, and embellishments
316. Life is like a scrapbook...creative and unique.
317. Live life as though it were your last page
318. Running with decorative scissors
319. Scrapbooking is cheaper than a therapist.
320. Scrapbooking isn't my's my obsession!
321. Scrapbooking preserves your pictures...and your sanity!
322. Scrapbooks are the galleries of life
323. There is a fine line between hobby and mental illness.
324. Who needs clothes when you can scrap in your underwear!


Fun Wall Quotes about Quilting


325. A fat quarter is not a body part!
326. A fat quarter is not a body part
327. A day patched with quilting seldom unravels
328. Blessed are the piecemakers.
329. I'd rather be stitchin' than in the kitchen
330. I'd rather be stitchin' than in the kitchen!
331. May your sorrows be patched and your joys quilted.
332. On the 8th day God created quilts
333. Patchwork Forever Housework Whenever
334. Patchwork forever... Housework whenever! -
335. Quilt 'til you wilt!
336. Quilters are the piecemakers of the world!
337. Quilters are the piecemakers of the world.
338. Quilters aren't greedy they're just materialistic
339. Quilters aren't greedy...they're just materialistic!
340. Quilters make great comforters!
341. Quilters touch the past and the future.
342. Quilting is like love... Enter it with abandon or not at all.
343. Quilting is pieces of life woven together.
344.To Quilt is Human, to Finish, Divine 4
345. When life gives you scraps - make a quilt.
346. When life goes to pieces... Make a quilt!
347. Will work for FABRIC!

Learning and Talent Wall Quotes

  1. The beautiful thing about learning is that no one can take it away from you.  BB King
  2.  Learning is a treasure that will follow its owner everywhere.  Chinese Proverb
  3.  Beware of false knowledge, it is more dangerous than ignorance.  George Bernard Shaw
  4. I have never let my schooling interfere with my education.  Mark Twain
  5. The capacity to learn is a gift.  The ability to learn is a skill.  The willingness to learn is a choice.  Brian Herbert
  6.  It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.  Aristotle
  7. Good is the enemy of great.  Jim Collins (Jim Collins is a business consultant, author, and lecturer on company sustainability and growth)
  8.  I've learned so much from my mistakes I'm thinking of making a few more.
  9.  Intelligence without ambition is a bird without wings.  Salvadore Dali
  10. An intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself. Albert Camus (Albert Camus is a French Nobel Prize winning author, journalist and philosopher)
  11. Repetition is the mother of skill
  12. Learning how to learn is one of the most important skills in life.  Norma Fauziyah
  13. What we learn with pleasure we never forget.  Alfred Mercier
  14. Success is a learnable skill.  T. Harv Eker (T Harv Eker is an author, businessman, and motivational speaker known for theories on wealth and motivation)
  15. Being comfortable isn't the way to learn to expand your abilities.  Thomas Perry
  16. Do something today that your future self will thank you for.
  17. Beyond talent lie all the usual words, discipline, love, luck - but most of all endurance.  James Arthur Baldwin (James Arthur Baldwin is a social critic, novelist, essayist, poet, and playwright.)
  18. Will it be easy? Nope.  Worth it? Absolutely.
  19. Some people today are wandering generalities instead of meaningful specifics because they have failed to discover and mine the wealth of potential in them. Author unknown.
  20. Talent you have naturally.  Skill is only developed by hours and hours and hours of beating on your craft.  Will Smith
  21. I work as hard as I can For as long as I can And the best that I can. Every time.
  22. You are a person of destiny.  You are equipped. You are talented. You are creative. You were designed for a purpose.
  23. With ordinary talent and extraordinary perseverance all things are attainable.  Thomas Powell Buxton
  24. I have no special talent, I am only passionately curious.  Albert Einstein
  25. You are responsible for the talent that has been entrusted to you.
  26. Too much ego will kill your talent.
  27. True happiness involves the full use of one's power and talents. John W Gardner (John Gardner was the Secretary of Health, Education and Welfare under President Lyndon Johnson)
  28. If you stumble, make it part of the dance.
  29. I know it's hard, but just keep going. You will thank yourself sooner than you know.
  30. When you think about quitting, think about why you started.
  31. Keep going. Each step may be harder than the last but don't stop. The view at the top is beautiful.
  32. An average person, with average talent, ambition and education, can outstrip the most brilliant genius in our society, if that person has clear focused goals.  Brian Tracy (Brian Tracy is a Canadian entrepreneur, public speaker, author, and personal and professional development trainer.)
  33. There is no such thing as great talent without great willpower.  Honore de Balzac
  34. Learning is a lifetime process but there comes a time when we must stop adding and start updating.  Robert Brault
  35. Everybody has talent. It's just a matter of moving around until you've discovered what it is.  George Lucas
  36. Creative thinking is a skill that can be learned.


Affirmations Wall Quotes

  1. I have as much brightness to offer the world as the next person.
  2. I acknowledge my own self worth, my confidence is soaring. Dr. Carmen Harra
  3. I am an open channel for creative ideas. Louise Hay
  4. I am blessed with an incredible family and wonderful friends. Dr. Carmen Harra
  5. I am my own expert and I allow others the same privilege.
  6. I am the architect of my life. I build its foundation and choose its contents.
  7. I am open to new and wonderful changes. Louise Hay
  8. I align my thinking with the highest and best within me.
  9. I recognize the power of small changes
  10. I choose happiness now
  11. I am guided in my every step by Spirit who leads me towards what I must know and do. Dr. Carmen Harra
  12. I am inspired to live my best
  13. I am actively in charge of my life and direct it in constructive channels.
  14. I am my own unique self. Special, Creative, and Wonderful
  15. I am patient, tolerant, and diplomatic. Louise Hay
  16. I am superior to negative thoughts and low actions. Dr. Carmen Harra
  17. I feel glorious dynamic energy. I am alive and active. Louise Hay
  18. I feel safe in the rhythm and flow of ever changing life. Louise Hay
  19. I flow easily with new experiences, new challenges, and new people who enter my life.
  20. I handle my own life with joy and ease.
  21. I have been given endless talents which I will utilize today. Dr. Carmen Harra
  22. I know my wisdom guides me to the right decision.
  23. I radiate beauty, charm, and grace. Dr. Carmen Harra
  24. I wake up today with strength in my heart and clarity in my mind. Dr. Carmen Harra
  25. My fears of tomorrow are simply melting away
  26. My mind and body are in perfect balance. I am a harmonious being
  27. My self-esteem is high because I honor who I am. Louise Hay
  28. Today I am brimming with energy and overflowing with joy. Dr. Carmen Harra



Recreational Wall Quotes


387. Beach Word Cloud shown arranged in 26" x 24" space - arrange to suit
388. Dance like nobody's watching. Sing like nobody's listening.
389. Dance like there's nobody watching, Sing like there's nobody listening, Love like you'll never get hurt, Live like there's heaven on earth.
390. Horses are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.
391. If you're lucky enough to live in the country, you're lucky enough.
392. Laughter is the music of the heart
393. No hour of life is wasted that is spent in the saddle.
394. Play - Laugh - Dream
395. Recreation Word Cloud - shown arranged in 24" x 19" space. Arrange words to suit.
396. Tension is who you think you should be, Relaxation is who you are. ~ Emerson
397. Run - Play - Explore
398. Those who wish to sing always find a song.
399. Welcome to our camper
400. Welcome to our Farm!
401. Welcome to the Lake!
402. Welcome to the Ranch!
403. Whoever said money can't buy hapiness didn't know where to buy a horse!