Musings on Inspirational Wall Quotes

Recently, I was browsing through a couple inspirational books that I had already read.  In both of them, I had notated many places where a message had great meaning for me – messages I did not want to forget.  The idea was that from time to time I would flip through these books and the messages would become more instilled within.  I found them to be so beautiful!  Here is where the old adage ‘Out of sight, out of mind’ comes into play.  This is one of the many reasons that I have really taken to displaying wall quotes.  Since the designs themselves are alluring with their beautiful mix of fonts, accents, and placement of lines, they play just as important a role in the ambience of my rooms as my capiz shell mobile, metal gothic wall candle sconce, rattan chair, and Rajasthan wall hangings.  As such, I find myself paying attention to the words  and what the message means for me.  They begin to become a deeper part of who I am.  When I am away from home and going about my day, they whisper their words to me at just the right time.  This page contains personal musings and reflections on many of the wall quotes that we have available.  

Wall Quotes About Following Your Dreams

A Dream is a longing or inspiration of the heart meant to be pursued

 There is lots of information out there about why it is good to follow your dreams, and I love the charming way that this quote expresses the message that it is good for your soul to follow your dreams.   Sure, following your dreams can reveal, nurture, and elevate personal characteristics such as motivation, discipline, determination, and dealing with setbacks, but on a much deeper level, our hearts, or spirits.   Although certain dreams may be meant to come to fruition,  perhaps it is not always about whether or not a particular dream is realized, but that it is by following it, walking toward that which we are passionate about,  that we are led down paths each with their own unique gifts for us which we may not otherwise have had the opportunity to receive.   Following our dreams keeps us in touch with some childlike qualities and we remain very engaged with life.  Learn to hear and listen to your heart’s whispers!  

All our Dreams can come true if we have Courage to pursue them

 This inspirational wall quote can remind us that it will be necessary to shore up courage as we are on this journey.  There are many uncomfortable feelings and moments that can – and probably will – arise as we think or go about following our dream.  Fear, doubt, worry, second-guessing, and a feeling we need to defend our position to those we care about and who care about us.  There are many reasons that negative emotions come to the surface.  Maybe it feels  scary because we cannot know for sure where this path is going to take us, or even if we will be happy once we get there.   Perhaps those around us are not supportive, not necessarily to be unkind, but they want to protect us from the disappointments we may face along the way.  We might ruminate about whether we will run out of time and money, what we may have to sacrifice to achieve the dream and thus risk our lifestyle.  Is this the best time to begin this journey – maybe I should wait.  Maybe I should stick to the predictable and be safe.  What happens if I fail?  How will I feel about that?  What backlash will I get from others?  Often it may just seem easier to ‘give in’ to this negative talk so that we don’t feel all the uncomfortable feelings.  These are some of the reasons it takes courage to follow our dreams, but keeping our mind focused and our face toward the sun is the better way to go.  We do not want to end up in that place that giving up on a dream for the wrong reasons can take us – that lingering feeling that we are missing something.  Surround yourself with positive people.  Remember that through this journey you can reinvent yourself.  We will be leading a full, empowered life in which we are fully engaged, and discover much more about ourselves, others, and life.    

Wall  Quotes About Charisma

Charisma is the ability to make someone think that both of you are quite wonderful!  I love this lighthearted, positive, upbeat quote!  I feel wonderful just reading it!  One thing’s for sure – charismatic people (at least the genuine ones) are naturally and happily engaged with the people around them.  They are positive, seemingly glad to be alive and in your company.  They have a good sense of humor and wit, and appear relaxed in their posture, gestures, and pace of speech.  Charismatic people have a talent for small talk, communication in general, and if ever there is a gap in the conversation, around them it is a very comfortable gap!   These charming and alluring people have a way of cultivating enjoyable conversations, and a relaxed open atmosphere.  Perhaps one reason why being with a charismatic person can make us feel wonderful about ourselves is that regardless of any inadequacies we may feel we have, they can make us feel like we are interesting and worth getting to know just the way we are, and they can have a way of bringing out the best in us! 

Wall Quotes About Simplicity - A Path To Happiness

Simplicity is the essence of happiness

Simplicity is the key to brillance

Wall quotes about simplicity can remind us of many things that can bring us to harmony and happiness. Simplicity doesn’t have to be about tossing out the television, shutting down your social media, or nixing new purchases,  although it is shifting to a lifestyle with less stuff, debt, clutter, multi-tasking, and thinking, to more living.  By creating a simpler life, we become more engaged and relaxed, more mindful, and we are able to let experiences in.  Have you ever gone for a walk, only to find you were so focused on thinking about something that you didn’t even notice the beautiful autumn leaves? 


Our complex lives can distract us from breathing in life’s simple, everyday blessings that bring about a sense of contentment.  When we are content, we are happy.  Some synonyms of being content are comfortable, fulfilled, peace of mind, heart’s ease, serenity.  Consciously take time in your daily life to be mindful of what your senses encounter,  and away from thinking about what you are going to buy next, how you can get more done in less time.   Take up pleasurable activities.  Find a light-hearted method of meditation that suits your personality.  Listen to your favorite songs.  Watch the leaves on the trees flutter in the breeze.  Watch a youtube video with the sights and sounds of a mountain stream while you imagine yourself exploring the banks, walking over the rocks to the other side, bending down to run your fingers over the moss.   Do a small kind thing for a stranger.  And probably, most of all, whisper a recognition of gratitude to your heart!

Wall Quotes About Confidence

If you are confident, you are beautiful

Yes, this quote does sound cliche, but it is also a very strong and true statement, and if we have this quote displayed on our walls, it can instill in us many things.  Likely all of us have seen someone literally blossom as a result of gaining confidence. We carry ourselves differently, it is noticeable in our stride, how we communicate with others and express ourselves, it enhances our motivation in setting and achieving new goals, and … we laugh and smile more, to name a few! As we move through life, our level of confidence can mature and expand as we amass and refine our abilities and talents, through our experiences, and our awareness and intelligence. Witnessing others successfully achieving their goals or completing tasks, and receiving reassurance and trust from others I’m sure goes a long way, but we can also set ourselves on this journey by being mindful of the good traits and talents that we possess, and by congratulating ourselves on a job well done as we move through our daily lives making decisions, being kind and considerate to others, helping, preparing a meal, learning a craft, or spending some time consciously practicing that which we would like to improve upon. So, the next time you find yourself curiously watching someone you don’t even know, because there is something ‘special’ and alluring about them, could it be confidence?

Wall Quotes About Creativity


Do Something Creative Every Day

All of us possess a creative potential unique to ourselves.  Creative expression is not limited to noble pursuits such as becoming a very talented artist, or musician.  One way our creative expressions are unleashed is through our daily activities.  Think of cooking, setting a table, arranging home decor, getting dressed.  Another avenue is considering hobbies we may take up, for some, you may need that extra sparkle of patience to find your path.   Piano, guitar, embroidery, watercolor, acrylics, glass painting, sketching were all things I learned well, and enjoyed,  but the passion would fade.  For some of us, I think we love taking on and learning a variety of artistic mediums, then moving on to the next, while others become masters of their hobbyWink

There is much written about igniting that creative spark.  A few things worth mentioning are to practice and be patient.  Have activities in your life that you really enjoy doing.  Give yourself quiet peaceful interludes, and always carry a notebook!  Give yourself permission to just putter about aimlessly from time to time, and know how to set up the ambience that is just right for you! Do you like music on or off?  What kind of music? Do you like white noise? The sound of a fan in the background?  And finally, disconnect from negative self-talk about your ability and keep going forward.  You ARE creative!  


Wall Quotes and Decals About Family

Something that I find very charming is how many of our family quotes add more meaning, bring attention to, and define family pictures on a 'gallery' wall.  And of course, let's not forget the decorative element, and the ambience it can bring to your space!

Wall Quotes and Decals about Inner Harmony

Adding a decorative quote about inner harmony to your space, can evoke an inner smile, an inner sense of peace and tranquility.  Whether it is a state you are working toward, or have already achieved, it can continue to feed your soul as you go through your day, and your life.  

Inner harmony can be described as a state where we are mentally and emotionally at peace.  I believe a key element is discovering and knowing yourself as thoroughly as possible.  Learn what aspects cause `noise`in your life, and seek to change or eliminate that.  If you have been procrastinating on doing things that bring you joy, or being in those parts of nature that invigorate your soul, start doing those things.  If you are bothered or concerned about what others think about you, work to change that..  You get the picture!  Come to a place where you love who you are, that you are confident you can handle life, put things into perspective, and be flexible.  

Many blessings come about with inner harmony.  Among them are that we are centered and stable, we are more able to achieve self-mastery and self-discipline, our judgement and decision-making is clear, our inner power and strength are increased, and our healing energies are allowed to do their work unhindered.

Wall Quotes and Decals for that Special Decorative Touch 

Our wall quotes are made with precision cut quality vinyl that mimicks the beautiful look of professional hand-painted lettering.  Whether you are looking for single meaningful words, or longer quotes and personal phrases, with our abundant collection, you will find wall quotes embellished with artistic underlines, frames, accents, and small graphics, or you can choose from one of simpler designs.  Perhaps you want to make a bold statement with a larger wall quote, or you may want the perfect design to sit above a dresser or crib, beside a mirror or picture, or become an integral part of another vignette within your home.  Let us help you add that special decorative touch that is part of making your home a unique haven for you and all who enter!

Creative Decorating With Wall Quotes 

Wall quotes and word art contribute to giving your space a polished, personal touch.  But they are not only for walls.  If you have been a little excited about embellishing your home with lovely touches of font styling and messages that speak to you, but would like the option of being able to move them, there are lots of design choices.  Wall quotes applied to painted wood panels easily suit and enhance cottage, shabby chic, country, rustic, bohemian, eclectic, and modern styles, and more!  There are a vast number of images online for inspiration.  Appllying wall quotes to chalkboards is another great way to add ambience  Just make sure to apply the letters to a clean chalkboard and that the design has been applied well so no chalk dust will fall under the edges.  Crush some chalk, dab a paper towel into the dust, tap off the excess, and gently rub around the board. Voila!

Let's Create a Beautiful Custom Wall Quote For You! 

Find out more about our process of creating custom wall quotes for you, a very affordable and enjoyable option, with helpful, friendly, and prompt service.

For general information on our wall quotes such as applying, cleaning, removing, our Quality Guarantee and more, visit our FAQs page.  For your convenience, we have also started maintaining a list of wall quotes!  We hope you enjoy your shopping experience!

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