Frequently Asked Questions About Wall Quotes

Do you accept cheques and money order?

Yes, you can pay for your wall quote with a cheque or money order, but rather than ordering off of the website, send an email to  Let us know what wall quotes you are wanting and where you live so we can calculate taxes if applicable.  We will email you back with a total, and once the payment has been received by our office, we will process the order.

What is the turnaround time for processing and shipping my wall quotes?

Your wall quotes will get to the post office within two business days of your order.  Even though our flat rate shipping fees are regular prices, within Canada your order is shipped Expedited.

Can I wash the wall quotes once they have been applied?

Yes you can, but don’t use cleaning agents containing abrasives, ammonias, citrus additives, or alcohol.  Instead use a soft cloth or a sponge that has been dampened with cool water. 

Will a bathroom environment damage a wall quote or word art?

 No, this should not be a factor since the quality of the vinyl allows for it to withstand the heat and humidity that will be generated.  We even use our vinyl for parking signs in outdoor parking lots exposed to rain, snow, wind, heat, and cold!  Even so, I still like to turn on my fan, or make sure the door is open after showers and relaxing baths!

Is How professional looking is the wall quote design? 

Is it just one sticker on a clear background (I hope not!)

The vinyl  design is prepositioned on a panel of application tape.  Through the easy process of applying the wall quote, as you pull back on the tape (read instructions) only the vinyl letters and images remain on your walls.  Since the vinyl has graph paper on its backing, you can; however, choose to trim out the design as you like and apply it in more than one piece.

What types of surfaces can your wall quotes be applied to?

You can apply your wall quotes to pretty much any clean, smooth surface such as glass, mirrors, tiles, wood, (even dressers, table..)    PLEASE NOTE THAT wall quotes may not adhere well to versions of Zero VOC latex paints.  In this regard, traditional formula egg-shell or satin finish latex paints are best.  On our home page, I outline an easy way to apply them to chalkboards for a neat, vintage look!  You can even apply the designs to colored foam core and choose to add other embellishments and challenge your creative side!   Surfaces such as brick, stucco, concrete block, suede or sand paints are not good candidates for the wall art; however, they will work on some low textured paints – it just may need a little extra time and care to apply.  A sample comes with your order, so you can use that to apply to a surface first if you have any doubts.

Can wall quotes be applied to wallpaper?  

Wall quotes can be applied to wallpaper but it is the quality and texture of the wallpaper that will determine   how well the design will release from the wallpaper if you wish to remove it.  You could use the test sample in an inconspicuous place first.

Are wall quotes easy to remove? 

If you decide to remove a wall quote (why would you J ),  you can warm it a little with a blow dryer about eight inches away on the low setting.  Gently lift a corner with your fingernail and pull down slowly. 

Will a residue remain on my walls after I remove a wall quote? 

There should be no residue remaining but various factors can affect this, such as the length of time a design has been on the wall.  If some residue does remain, use isopropyl alcohol or another residue remover, and follow the instructions.

Are wall quotes difficult to apply?  

Wall quotes are easy to apply - visit our Application page for written instructions that also contain pictures explaining the process.

What is your Quallity Guarantee and Return Policy?  Can I cancel an order?   If, before you applied your wall quote, you are not satisfied, you can return the design within 60 days and receive a refund (less shipping) or choose to exchange the wall quote.  If you have already applied the wall quote, a return is not available; however, if you have perhaps damaged one or two letters during application, we can send the replacement letters at no charge, but this is not something I would anticipate happening to you.   Since we send a sample design for practice and testing, we will not issue a refund due to the design not sticking to a surface other than those that have been suggested: clean smooth surfaces such as your walls, mirrors, glass, clean chalkboard using instructions.  If you have just placed an order online and choose to cancel it, simply send an email to within twenty-four hours and we can reverse your payment and cancel your order.  If the product has already shipped, you will need to follow the return policy.

How do you apply wall quotes to chalkboards?  

Wall quotes applied to chalkboards evoke a very unique ambience to any room.  First, make sure that the chalkboard is very clean.  Take your wall quote and apply to the board as you would apply it to a wall.  Dip a cloth into some crushed chalk, tap off the excess, and carefully rub around the board to get that special effect - somewhat vintage, eclectic, and bohemian, or shabby chic.  Be sure that the wall quote has been applied correctly, and that chalk powder is not falling under it.  

All order are processed in Canadian funds.

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 Will you be providing a list of all the wall quotes available so I can view them at a glance?

Great idea!  We are currently working on completing a list for your convenience.  At this time, we have a list of our inspirational wall quotes completed.




How Quality Materials Affect Your Wall Quotes

Like all other products, the materials that can be used in producing wall quotes come in various grades of quality and cost- in the case of wall quotes, the vinyl used, and the adhesive backing.  A good quality vinyl as well as the adhesive backing used, can ensure that the wall quote will last for years; and that during application, the lettering and design separates in a clean and crisp manner.  You will also be able to clean the wall quotes, and they will hold up excellently in bathroom conditions.  For more information see our FAQs page.

Wall Quotes For That Special Decorative Touch!

Our wall quotes are made with precision cut quality vinyl that mimicks the beautiful look of professional hand-painted lettering.  Whether you are looking for single meaningful words, or longer quotes and personal phrases, with our abundant collection, you will find wall quotes embellished with artistic underlines, frames, accents, and small graphics, or you can choose from one of our simpler designs.  Perhaps you want to make a bold statement with a larger wall quote, or you may want the perfect design to sit above a dresser or crib, beside a mirror or picture, or become an integral part of another vignette within your home.  Let us help you add that special decorative touch that is part of making your home a unique haven for you and all who enter!

Creative Decorating With Wall Quotes

Wall quotes and word art contribute to giving your space a polished, personal touch.  But they are not only for walls.  If you have been a little excited about embellishing your home with lovely touches of font styling and messages that speak to you,  but would like the option of being able to move them, there are lots of design choices.  Search for images online where wall quotes have been applied to wood in various ways, that easily suit cottage, shabby chic,  country, rustic, bohemian, eclectic, and modern styles, and more!  Applying lettering to chalk boards is another great way to add ambience.  Just make sure to apply the letters to a clean chalk board, then crush some chalk, put some powder on a paper towel, tap off extra, and rub on board.  Voila!

Wall Quote Categories

In addition to the more common wall words and quotes categories such as Inspiratonal, words of welcome, family phrases, bathroom quotes, and quotes for children's rooms and nurseries,  we also have a few categories to capture the heart for niche categories such as Dance, Meditation,  phrases in different languages, and literary and academic quotes that are well-suited for areas such as dens and libraries!