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Together is a wonderful place to be ~35 ½” x 8”

Wall Quotes – Family & Friends (WA262)

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When one teaches - two learn! - 130cm x 10cm (~51" X 4")



Wall Quotes for Family and Friends

Wall quotes in this category are a great way to express your family unity – sayings such as ‘Family…Forever For Always … No matter what’ or ‘The love in our family grows strong and deep, leaving special moments to treasure and keep’.  Perhaps you have your own family creed that you would like to display on the walls of your home. We would be delighted to prepare that custom wall quote for you.  If you have a display of photos of your family and friends making memories, place them under or around a wall quote – ‘Family is everything’ or ‘Family..a link to the Past. A bridge to our future’ comes to mind.  Here you will also find wall quotes that express   togetherness  - ‘The Gathering Place Good food, Good friends, Good company’ or ‘Friends and family gather here’, all put together in a variety of designs with beautiful fonts.  If you would prefer a different font, once again, we will gladly substitute other fonts for you!  We have started to add wall quotes of ‘Family Rules’ that express the morals, ideals, and loving ways of life that your family values.  And we cannot forget where it all started, with a wall saying like ‘All because two people fell in love’.   We hope you enjoy browsing our Family and Friends wall quotes.  You may also find many applicable designs in For The Home, Inspirational,  and Spiritual Wall Quote categories. 

How Quality Materials Affect Your Wall Quotes

 Like all other products, the materials that can be used in producing wall quotes come in various grades of quality and cost- in the case of wall quotes, the vinyl used, and the adhesive backing.  A good quality vinyl as well as the adhesive backing used, can ensure that the wall quote will last for years; and that during application, the lettering and design separates in a clean and crisp manner.  You will also be able to clean the wall quotes, and they will hold up excellently in bathroom conditions.  For more information see our FAQs page.

Our wall quotes have flat rate shipping to Canada and the United States.

Our FAQs page will provide you with general information on our wall quotes such as applying, removing, cleaning, our Quality Guarantee and more.  We have also started maintaining a list of wall quotes for your convenience.

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